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Sink/FAUCET Replacement and Fixtures

SMG PLUMBING fixes any leaking problem found in the sinks.
Leakings may come from the water connections below the faucets and/or the drain line (traps) of the sink.
In this picture is shown that the problem is in the drain line (trap), which is being taken out.

Sink repair

SMG PLUMBING fixes any leaking problem found in the sinks.This picture is in connection with the previous one and here is shown the installation of the drain line once fixed.
Also could be interpreted as the installation of the water connections.
The water connections may comprise flexible hoses, gaskets and stop valves. In old houses the water connections to faucets may still being of copper where we recommend to replace them for flexible hoses and installing stop valves for future repairs or replacements because stop valves allow to work without shutting down the main water line.

GAS Water heater replacement/ installation / fixtures

Replacement means taking out the old water heater and provide a new one of any kind of capacity installation means when customer has already bought the new one and needs the service to install it fixture usually mean when leaking exists in the water or gas connections, water heaters are comprised by water lines and a gas line, we can fix both.

Toilet Unclogging

We have the right tools to unclog / unblock toilets when the customer’s plunger was not enough.
A may cause this clogging blockage located deeper below in the drain line of the toilet, so we use a special tool: The Auger.

Water line fixtures, installations and tests

SMG Plumbing can install an entire new water line in residential or commercial facilities. Copper is a preferred material for this type of lines but also may be used pex hoses. WE can fix a water line by cutting the damaged copper pipe and replace it for new one by solding it. SMG Plumbing also carries out water test to ensure the right water pressure in the house or business.

Water tests

SSMG Plumbing can carry out water test from the main sewer line by checking the water pressure.

Water Line Fixtures and Replacement

Here is shown the solding of a new copper pipe where the water runs. In this point also can be measured the water pressure using the proper gauges.

Hoses Bib Replacement

We can fix and replace old garden faucets for new ones in this installation it should be ensured the type of water connection (copper or pex hoses) and that the water pipeline of the garden faucet is in good conditions.