Signs That Water Heater Gives You To Say…”I Can’t Stand Anymore”

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  • Look for the serial number on the manufacturer tag since it contains the manufactured date. The first letter means the month according to the alphabet, then the two next digits represent the year of manufacturing: i.e. a serial number b04526369 would mean “b” as the second month = February and “04” would mean the year 2004. As a rule you may consider that if your waterheater has more than 10 years old it may say to you that “i can´t stand anymore…i need a substitute”.
  •  Signs of rust in the hot water line, you should drain the waterheater to confirm if rust is inside. You may need a few of buckets or connect a hose directed to the garden or your tub if near to drain the water of your waterheater. if after 4 minutes the water still rusty, then the problem is your waterheater not your connections.
  • Your waterheater is rounded by a small lagoon, then you should revise for cracking below the tank or the drain outlets in order to be sure that the leaking is not coming from the connections since if the connections apart from the tank are dry, then your waterheater says: “I am out of the game sir!”

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