¿Water leaks?

How to choose a good plumber
How to choose a good plumber
1 diciembre, 2017

Has your water bill gone up and you do not know why? If this is your case, it may be because you have a leak that is wasting the water in your home and damaging your pocket.

The visible leaks are the easiest to repair although not all have the same degree of difficulty, logically. These leaks are responsible for notifying us of their presence. Thanks to the fact that they are visible to the naked eye, we can take the appropriate measures to solve them, but … What happens when the water leak is not seen?

The vast majority of water leaks are not visible to the naked eye. They are filtered directly by the drains or through the subsoil. This type of water leakage accounts for around 70% of the total leakage that occurs. The vast majority of them go completely unnoticed.

In addition to visual inspection that allows us to find small puddles or tartar debris, there are other ways to detect water losses, such as the following:

With meter: If you have water meter installed at home, verify that all taps are closed and look at the meter; It should be perfectly still. If you cannot stay there looking, write down the current number on a piece of paper before leave the house (when the house is left alone and the taps are not used), and point the number back when it comes back: it should be exactly the same; otherwise, there is a leak you’ll need to find.

Detect noises: When the house quiet at night, when the city stops making noises, turn off the TV, radio and everything that makes sounds. Walk around the house paying attention to what you hear. You shouldn’t hear the sounds of water traveling through the pipes, or falling anywhere. Listen carefully in the toilet, in the water heater, in the radiators and in the back of the washing machine and dishwasher. If you hear water running or falling, there are leaks.

Artifact review: Adjust your inspection to the systems you have at home. For example, the water heater, as well as the boiler, work by maintaining a temperature in the water. If there has been no water in motion, it should not be started regularly but every so often. This can be a sign of leaks. Also refrigerators with an ice machine can show leaks, as well as soil moisture meters (if you notice that they show high figures without it having rained or you have watered, there is a leak).

Water leaks in the bathroom

Check that each of the taps in the bathroom close correctly. Check the main tap of the house, the sink, the shower and any other you may have. If one does not close well, you will have to repair it or change it.

In the toilets water loss is very frequent due to ruptures in the tanks, it is also necessary to check that there are no signs of humidity.

Water leaks in the kitchen

With frequency, the pipeline that carries water to the taps breaks and the water drips. This may be because they are not properly adjusted to the kitchen faucets or taps. To detect this kind of leak that is often imperceptible, it is enough to see if the water pipes or pipes are wet or rusty; If so, you have a water leak.

These are some tricks that will help you detect a water leak at home. When it comes to small leaks you can sometimes detect them yourself. However, for you and your family safety always put your home in the hands of a professional.

At the industrial level, the problem becomes worse, imagine the expense that can be incurred if, instead of a normal house, we talk about large industries or infrastructures with a volume of habitual consumption of exorbitant water. At SMG Plumbing we recommend carrying out periodic audits that determine the existence or not of water leaks. They are key to solve problems and save on unnecessary expenses.

We have certified plumbers, drainage technicians and expert professionals willing to serve you. We perform gas and water tests, installations, fixings, replacement. Our goal is always to provide our customers with a friendly, professional and excellent service, as well as always provide an honest and affordable price.

When you need a professional plumbing service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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